Monday, July 07, 2008

weekend travels.

so back from my 4th.july weekend in NY. and not just the city, but many of the surrounding environs as well. in summary:

-2 hours stuck in traffic to Dayton (going to miss flight!)
-flight delayed (fortunately),
-relax + bloog reading (caught up!)
-in flight, read book 1 of manga adaptation of life of Buddha (surprisingly good)

FRIDAY (pictures pending):
-turkey mac + cheese (w/ favorite person)
-rode train into city (45 mins)
-met up w/ grad school roommate, learned more about his recent engagement + plans to move to Dubai (jealous)
-$5 no-chicken arepa at street festival (disappointed)
-wandering watefront + governor's island to see waterfalls (neat, yet underwhelming).
-walked the brooklyn bridge (brisk!)
-fireworks seen from brooklyn rooftop (oooohhh. but a bit long)
-train ride back OUT of the city (longer than i remembered)

-walked to brunch (gigantic omellette)
-had a milkshake (mint chip!)
-helped girlfriend unpack...flattened 345345 sheets of packing paper (newsprint)
-saw wall-E (great) suburban mall (capitalist pandamonium)
-mexican dinner at seemingly sketchy, but really upscale dive (el banditos!)
-violin + mariachi rendition of "Yesterday" (moving, really)
-settled into fact that this would be where i'd be moving soon (harder than i thought)

-walked to Hudson waterfront (ducks!)
-checked out some cool book stores (nice shelves)
-went to neighborhood yard sale ($4 lamp)
-watched the Bucket list (sad, yet uplifting)
-Popeye's chicken at rest stop (greasy but good)
-airport security (inane, as always)
-1.5 hour flight delays (to be expected out of Newark)
-called grandparents + parents (overdue)
-sat on runway for another 1.5 hours (getting ridiculous)
-read John McCain book (getting better)
-arrived late (in Dayton)
-drove home (no speeding!)
-read more of book (review pending)

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