Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Googling TV.

if you haven't figured it out by now, i work in marketing, which is a subtle bit different from advertising. but when i do see interesting - often even good - advertising. i like to share it.

so you probably already also know i'm a big fan of the Google. over the past few years, they've slowly toed  their way into "traditional" TV advertising. the first of which was a few years ago for their Superbowl spot, "Parisian Love":

more recently, they launched some "longform" (TV) advertising around their web browser, Chrome (if you're not already using it, switch already and thank me later).

rather than tout  the benefits of their superior product offering (of which most are not aware, nor do they care), Google simply decided to drive awareness via emotional stories of how we, the user see them. this is one of those ads, and it's great:

as a marketer, i could easily go on about Google's other forays into advertising (the good and the bad), but i won't bore you.

as a consumer, i say this. i'm a fan.
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