Sunday, April 14, 2013

startup life

time for another life update (not kids!). 

after ~10 years of doing tech/media stuff for big marketing companies (most recent of which was selling yogurt), i've decided to flip the career equation on it's head and start doing marketing stuff for a tech company.

tomorrow is my first day @ PINGAGE - a Pinterest marketing company co-founded by a friend + mentor (some recent press below). the company is Cincinnati-based, but I'll continue to be in NY, building out our presence here (a key job perk being more frequent trips back to Cincinnati =). unlike my previous companies, we have <10 employees, so there's definitely a more startup vibe, and the ability for me to make a HUGE impact using all the skills I've learned along the way (and learning a few new ones). 

a wise friend of mine often says, "the only risk in life is not taking one" - so I've decided to bet on myself and give it a shot. I didn't make this decision lightly. as many of you know, I've been approaching a career plateau - or worse, a point of diminishing returns on my personal learning/growth curve. a change was necessary. 

along the way I considered many things - but this felt like the best fit. 

over the past few months, I've gotten a chance to know my startup's team better - looking under the hood, kicking the tires - and I genuinely feel this company has not just a chance of business success, but of making a positive dent in the marketing universe. 

so stay tuned. more to come (much, much more...)

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