Wednesday, April 29, 2009

more. random. stuff.

well, it's that time of the week (more like month...wait that doesn't sound so good), where i post all the random pictures i've been finding to take as my own in the city, universe, interwebs, etc. in reality, it's so i can just clear them from my inbox/desktop. let's get right to it then, shall we?

let's get this party started with a classic cover for a classy guy. way to go, Mr. J:

since none of these posts are complete without SOME homage to Lunchbag Art, let's just get it out of the way early on:

these felt appropriate since my Star Wars consumption has recently gone up with my late discovery of the CG "Clone Wars" cartoon (i had to follow "the Wire" with something a bit more fun). who's the cute girl? SHE'S A TEENAGER (so get your head out of the gutter, she can read your mind via her Jedi mind tricks).

this just looked cool. a[n] (incomplete) sketch of a bridge to nowhere (something to do with Oz, i think):

while we're looking at some pretty artwork, see what i scoped out last time i was in my former neighborhood (Eden Park) in Cincinnati. waitaminute...that guys in the GL shirt stole my look. RAMAN SMASH!!! what's this about? more can be found here.

coming soon (hopefully), to a city near you:

saw this outside of the office in the city (a 24/7 mail weighting/drop center), and was happy to find that perhaps the fine men & women of the USPS were finally just getting out of my way + letting me do it myself.

Lego Taj Mahal. OFFICIALLY. i was impressed:

that's right kids, for just $400, you can build one of the 7 wonders of the world in your living room. and they wonder why kids aren't into Lego's anymore (i'm tempted to buy it for my mom to see if she builds it...i wonder if the little lego men come with turbans...and have NO HANDS).

it's been several weeks since i had to bid adieu to my good friend "BSG" (sniff!), but i always liked this spread of biblical proportions (ha!) - it's from a print ad promoting the final season...i think this is still hanging in an oversized frame in my old house (though it would be similar to see a similar one for "the Wire"...the other most awesome television show ever...MAKE IT HAPPEN HBO):

...and i did finally see the Caprica pilot, which was decent (3.5/5...the returning series shows promise)

MOST AWESOME T-SHIRT EVER (and, the newest addition to the Raman wardrobe). quite dope, i know. and NO, it's not from Threadless. i hope to be the only kid on the block with it, because it is pretty much THE AWESOME.

...coming soon to a trendy club/event/gathering near you (where i am, as usual, woefully underdressed)



*(if your name, or your dad's, is Raj):

(while we're on the indian theme) can you find the Blue Boy in this picture?

seriously. go BUY THIS BOOK already. my (blue) boy Rakesh (Satyal) wrote it. it's about a little kid in southwest Ohio who thinks he's Krishna. KRISHNA. as in THE GOD KRISHNA (that lots of newage hippies think is cool). i started it last night, and am very, very, entertained.

aaaaaaannnnndddd finally...

...that's a wrap. so let's just end it with an awesomely appropriate* SP pic (which you should also buy and read...after BB of course...before the movie comes out, so you can say "shyea! the book was sooo much better).

*appropriate, as it pretty much connotes what i just did in the way of
(once again) avoiding writing a meaningful blog post (remember those?)

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  1. prachi has the lego taj mahal.
    she hasn't built it yet.


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