Monday, October 12, 2009

halloween costumes.

in case you were wondering what my girlfriend + i were going as for Halloween, i'd like to be the first to reassure you this is NOT it:

but the real question: when Spider-(wo)man sashays away from Superman in the opening dance sequence (0:21), how does she fly. everybody knows Spider-(wo)man can't fly. geez! and why isn't she wearing a mask?

beyond this limited beef (pun!), i found this video quite entertaining. some notes:
  • superman's dance moves (1:17) - classic. this is actually a move i'm known to do in dance clubs and grocery stores alike.
  • the chorus (2:30) - actually considered by Bryan Singer for Superman Returns, but he later dismissed thinking it would do harm to the franchise.
  • Luke Cage makes a guest appearance (4:21).

that's pretty much all i have to add for today. thanks to Will for sharing this gem. more mind-blowing posts to come.

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