Tuesday, July 06, 2010

precious little life.

words cannot describe how excited* i am about this movie:

*(but am futily trying to keeping expectations low and bracing myself for heartbreak and/or disappointment) - august 15!

if you don't already know (WTF - you been living under a BRIDGE and/or not reading my bloog?!?) it's based on an india comic i'm crazy aboot. the final volume of which comes out in but a fortnight:

finally, i leave you, dear reader, with one more thing to rock your mind. IF you were paying close enough attention to the (international) trailer above, you'll have noticed co-starring roles by actors Brandon Routh and Chris Evans. what does that mean? this is a movie where the protagonist (Scott Pilgrim) fights (actors who have or will soon have portrayed) Superman AND Captain America.

believe it.


  1. Okay, let me know if I should see Scott Pilgrim. And I was expecting a post on Airbender, but from here on out I will futilely try to keep my expectations for this bloog low :)

  2. the bloog: i would hope this is the LAST thing you read (after you've expended all other options

    scott pilgrim: yes definitely (hopefully).

    last airbender: i heard it was bad. like REALLY bad. even aasif mandvi guest-starring role could not save it. so i'll likely pass on it til it comes out on video. do yourself a favor and just watch the 3-season-long (avatar: the last airbender) cartoon. it's pretty darned good.

  3. Oh Raman, why do you set yourself up for such disappointment? Aside from the **very** occasional decent comic book movie (no, Spiderman most definitely does not make the cut) all comic book movies are destined to suck. Suck suck suck. And that just makes us sad.

  4. i guess i never learned my lessons as a young chap with the ladies =)

    i think anytime you take something out of it's original source material (be it comics, novel, tv show, cartoon, radio drama, etc) and try to convert it to another - most of the time movies - there will always be some failings. the few times you manage to succeed are when:

    (1) it's NOT a literal, page-for-page literal adaption (tho the movie 300 was great - but even the "original" Frank Miller comic was an fictionalized retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae),

    (2) you have a competent engaged director AND producer/s team who are more focused on capturing the ESSENCE of the source material, pulling away key elements (Iron Man, Chris Nolan's Batman Begins, etc) VS satisfying their own ego/need to make the studio tons of $

    (3) it's not mainstream superhero stuff. there have been quite a few recent movies you might be surprised to know originally came from comics (Road to Perdition, From Hell, A History of Violence, Sin City, Constantine, V for Vendetta, etc

    but alas, that rarely happens, so you're otherwise you're left with a lot of crap (Fantastic Four/s, Spider-Man 3, joel schumacher Batman movies, every version of the Punisher, Ghost Rider, etc. and i am the sucker that lines up for it.


    ...but Scott Pilgrim is going to be awesome!

  5. did i mention that Scott Pilgrim comics are awesome? i just started re-reading them (2 years from when i first picked them up) in prep for the final book volume (and yes, the movie).

    i'd highly recommend reading them. don't just say the movie and write it off...

  6. Michelle1:53 PM

    I've been reading the comics (based on your recommendation) and enjoying them so far! I will see the movie, but, like you, am only cautiously optimistic...

  7. I've only seen one episode of Avatar with my nephew, and despite the unreasonably high expectations you set for the cartoon, I thought it was awesome.


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