Friday, October 15, 2010

hello ZoomZoom.

so if you've been watching my car dilemma unfold in recent weeks, you'll be pleased to know that i've purchased my first new car, as seen above (mountains and starry night not included, this was a stock photo i took from the interwebs). 

i feel so grown up now, like i just went thru a rite of passage. thankfully dealing with my salesguy online (and made the process more bearable.

and don't call it "cute" - it's "cool" - all 5 doors of automatic (sigh), moon-roofed, "gun-metal" blued, goodness (though the blue IS a bit lighter than shown above).

now i can whisper "zoom zoom" as i zip pass you on the high-ways and byways of life. 


  1. You feel grown-up? Let's look at the list
    -Move away from parents - Check
    -Get a "real" job - Check
    -Buy a house - Check (um, okay partial credit)
    -Get married - Check (You set a date, so that counts)
    -Buy a car - Check (buying is different than having, but you are good now)
    -Have a kid - Negative. You're not grown-up yet, but close.

    I'll wait for the official "I'm a grown-up" bloog post later.

  2. If you're attached to manuals why buy an auto?

    I love driving manuals, I wish we'd never got auto for our Wrangler (though it does make the sand driving easier :-D )

  3. automatic = so the girl could more easily drive it =(

  4. Faisal12:48 PM

    nice car. have fun driving it


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