Sunday, October 16, 2011

(more) photo randomness

as our staff-writer(s) work up the courage to get back to posting regularly, here's a collection of some of the random photography we've scoured from across the web

let's start with something French, weird and old-looking:

followed by something just weird and old-looking: 

this one also has a kid, and is kind of cute...

while THIS one is just cute (but has a giant animal pretending to be something else)

another giant (sea) animal pretending to be something else, albeit with more malicious (delicious?) intent. 

yet another giant sea animal, but ridden by triumphant from Aquaman

and this one is just being plain mean to Aquaman :(

speaking of being mean. some long-haired hippie in a robe is shooting poor Chuckie D.

these two probably get along better than the 2 guys above (but only bc their last names rhyme)

and this is just a cool looking sculpture that can answer most questions...

in closing, some reflection on the value of what i currently do for a living

and perhaps even some thoughts on what i'd rather be doing at work. 

...or AFTER work.

and finally, a really cool old guy i know picking some fruit. 

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