Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ísland (Iceland): volcanoes, glaciers, and a really long run-on sentence.

last weekend the Missus + i ventured north on a quick jaunt to Iceland. while we did not see the Northern Lights (cursed clouds!), it was overall, a fantastic trip. in summary:

...we had really short days,

...experienced cool architecture,

...tried to read unpronounceable things,

...felt sorry for the cold duckies,

...learned about volcanoes from an old guy,

...drove through lots of snow,

...rolled past landscapes from another planet (and really hairy horses),

...ate bacon-wrapped hot dogs (don't forget the fried onions!),

...sat under really big volcanoes (Eyjafjallajökull?),

...stood under freezing waterfalls (Skógafoss means "double rainbow" in Icelandic*),
*it doesn't.

...slid over LOTS of ice,

...hiked up a glacier (clamp-ons baby!),

...kept an eye on the mountains' trolls,

...shared a sunset from the top,

...drank (in healthy moderation),

...stewed in a blue lagoon,

...enjoyed some local Mexican food (of course),

...looked down on the colorful rooftops,

...shopped for comics in a Nordic flea-market,

...amused ourselves with the weird (sometimes break-dancy) statue-ry,

...resisted the urge to buy touristy things,

...tried to ignore the locals' quirky habits,

...dined on fancy-fresh seafood with our fellow Asians,

...avoided Vikings wherever possible,

...spent lots of time with my favorite person, 

...and after a few short days, reluctantly went home on an aero-plane.

i travel to lots of places, and usually wouldn't mind a return trip back. but often such re-adventures are foregone to make room for the other 157 countries left on my list. but i'll tell you, Iceland's so captivating, and SO close, i might just have to make a return trip in the near future (perhaps to hear some tunes?).

here's the complete photologue:

next stop? hopefully somewhere warmer. as long as it's cool.

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