Friday, April 06, 2012

photo randomness. april edition.

and a good Friday to you, loyal reader. no, i'm still pretty sure man and dinosaur did not walk the earth together, but it still makes for some awesome visuals.

fair warning, this installment of the ramancoke team plastering of other's images will largely be space-geek influenced, bc it's been on my mind lately (and apparently the internets).

before things get too crazy, let's check out some Bat-Manga ("holy Arigato!")

that certainly was as refreshing as a fistful of wasabi (or as it is mostly served in this hemisphere - green-colored horseradish). speaking of fists (and onomatopoeia), check out this modern-day POWer ring...

even more spectacular is this marvel-ous interpretation of Mssr.Waterson's scientific progress (goes "thwip"?)...

what is it about cutesy mashups that make me want to "save as"?

or you can always just double-down on the geekery (that's no moon)...

ok, this one doesn't fit. it was just cool looking. i recently re-watched City Slickers, am watching far too much FNL, and read a Hornby novel where the main character talks to Tony Hawk in his head. consider me inspired.

and here is just a sad, sad robot...

...and a sad, sad Surfer.

...Hamm Solo?

by now you are probably starting to see a pattern.

 if not, then you probably had trouble reading above. 

that's about all i've got for now. so we'll see you next time.

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