Monday, October 14, 2019

heritage day

It’s Columbus Day. My kid’s school is closed (again), our work is not. So my wife and I are splitting 1/2-day with a little work-from-home. The privileges of white collar employment.

By now I assume you’ve read some of the controversy surrounding Columbus Day (Oatmeal, NY statue / Italian Americans). To me, once you know a little bit more about the man, it seems obvious that a holiday celebrating him probably isn’t the best idea. But again, I grew up in the South, where we celebrated MLK / Robert E. Lee day - and I didn’t know that was strange until after I left. 

In this country, we have another of other great days that ask us to pause and think of how we got here. Memorial Day. Veteran’s Day. Labor Day. Even President’s Day (present company excepted). These are more than just excuses for awesome furniture and used car sales (nevermind that we really should get Election Day off)

So how could we update the second Monday of October more relevant, keeping a day to reflect on the calendar? 

Heritage Day. 

No matter who you are (save the Native Americans), your ancestry did not originate from here. Someone before you (or yourself) made a great sacrifice to come from far away lands. That’s what makes this country unique, apart from all others. 

Sure, I probably should’ve called it “immigrant day” - but that’s insulting to both Native Americans, African Americans, and frankly even people on the far right (the latter to whom I’m sensitive, but not sorry). So Heritage works. Let’s all celebrate our shared heritage / ancestry of “otherness” and accept the melting pot that makes America great.

Our heritage is what makes this country great. That, and fried foods. 

Happy Heritage Day. 

Oh wait. All these people were way ahead of me. Great minds think alike.

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