Thursday, December 13, 2007

ho chi minh, vietnam, pictures speak far too loud.

after obtaining visas (an especially drawn out process for Americans), we finally made our journey to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. we stayed in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), but spent most of our time exploring the outer areas (to Cu Chi and the famed tunnels, as well as to the Mekong Delta). more than enjoying some great food (Pho!), we also received a recent history through a different lens (there, it's known there as "the American War").

beyond the history lesson, all things considered, i really enjoyed my time in Vietnam. it's one of the most naturally beautiful countries i've visited, and her people remain resilient, resourceful and optimistic, despite years of being ravaged by foreign imperialism and impoverishing communism alike. i only wish i had been given more time out here to explore the entire country because in and around Ho Chi Minh City did not cut it. this is definitely a place one can spend weeks, if not months, and a return trip is definitely on my lifetime agenda.

per the usual pattern, i'm posting pictures ahead of my narrative and observation, but all of these are captioned, so please read through them. be warned, you might not be comfortable with everything you see, but i'd encourage you to go out and seek more information about something our modern society chooses to turn a blind eye to. the SIX albums i'm sharing below barely scratch the surface of some of the things we saw. sadly, it looks as if we are prone to repeating many mistakes of the past...

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