Monday, December 03, 2007

sheer brilliance.

the perfect Christmas present for that person that has EVERYTHING (click picture to play video...when i embedded the flash movie, it automatically played EVERY time someone came to the blog...very annoying):
my favorite part is when she poors the water in one end, and it comes out the other!
...thanks to jason for pointing this one out (incidentally enough, this was on an episode of Six Feet Under...endorsed by James Cromwell's character)


  1. this is just SICK. i can't believe i sent this to you.

    look under the tree when you get home. you never know what santa might have brought you...

  2. Anonymous4:26 PM

    this is actually a doctor recommended way to clean out your sinuses, here in the US we call it 'nasal saline lavage'
    and, it works


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