Tuesday, February 03, 2009

old souls?

there's a lot to be said about having an "old soul." despite my STILL reading comics + collecting (not playing) with action figures, many would say i was already 30* when i was 16. more politely put, some would call me an "old lady" (but that's besides the point).

however you describe it, it's having an older mentality (maturity?) when you're younger. and the more we age, one could argue the more advanced our outward/inward view has the capacity to become. so a 60/70 year old, who has seen + thought more of life & the world has a broader, perhaps wiser view than the 20/30 year old (ther are always exceptions)

but given we all have finite lives, one can only go so far. so if you progress faster down this mental spectrum, do you get further along? do those who are old souls reach some higher level of enlightenment at the end of their days (VS those who progress at a "normal" pace)?

...this random thought was brought to you in part by the drive in to work today (tho i wonder if i would have thought differently if i had still biked/bussed in). and, the letter "Q"

*still not 30 (yet)

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  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I was often told by relatives that I'd been "born a little old man." given some of the mistakes of my youth, I'd be hard pressed to call myself mature at a young age, though. I think in my case it was more a sense that I was aware of different things and even weighed down by them to a certain extent.

    Nice, thought-provoking post.


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