Friday, May 15, 2009

week in review NY(C)

did i mention that Week in Review NY(C) is going strong?


why the (C)? because we started out in the NY burbs (where i live)...and have since moved into the more urban environs of Manhattan proper another few meets and we'll beat out the now-defunct Singapore branch. we're coming for your next Cincinnati!

for those who have NOT yet read/heard my rambling/bitching (+ some random pics), the premise is a simple one...drinking and drawing. furthermore:
-friends get together at a different bar/restaurant weekly.
-the news from the previous 7 days are reviewed,
-a center story is chosen as "what happens",
-the rest of the week's major stories are also doodled
-much fun is had by all (really just an excuse for friends to meetup on a regular basis)
-this is a weekly happenstance from previous lives (cincinnati and singapore)
-official (never updated) site, the original group in LA

anywho, here are some samples drawRings from WIR NY(C):







so what are you waiting for? go join the facebook group, and/or get your own chapter started (you know you want to...i'm talking to loyal readers in AL/INDIA/SF/TN/MA).

and that's all she drew.

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