Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the week (or so) in pictures.

it's that time of week again. where i clear out a few select pics seen in my passing musings...

i actually came across the above in a recent Time [cover] article, "Is the Party Over?"
...more than anything else, it's the image of the sad elephant that struck me. any other political comments i'll leave for
another post.

sad (?) mailbox :|

mouse cool[NES]:

awesome weekly blog-comic:

great progressive panel storytelling (go Power-girl go):

(thanks Geekanerd)

dark lord meets dark knight: big a Batman fan as i am, V would TOTALLY win here.


(thanks Lunchbag Art for these last two)

apartment in Hoboken i'm NOT moving into:

DVD cover:

practicing Rockstar:

...muchas thanks to my Rockband buddy Capt. Shanan Sabin, pictured above, on many levels - for the amusing pic, for letting be occasionally borrow his PS3 in Cinci, but mostly for defending democracy while my guitar gently weeps.

news at eleven.

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