Thursday, July 23, 2009

Google - too cool for skool.

so i opened up the Google to start doing some searching-of-the-interwebs, and what did i see?

comics themes are here, heck yea!

much respect for the Distinguished Competition in the actual G-logo. As for my new theme, i'm torn personally between Vertigo, Wildstorm, Hellboy, Fables, ABC, or even Batman/Superman/Green Lantern (but NO Scott Pilgrim was found in the Oni theme...and where-oh-where is Calvin & Hobbes?!?). though Renee French looks pretty neat!

too...many...choices! things for certain, my "monster attack" theme, after almost 2 years, is going to have to be retired...

and YES, i know you're probably waiting for pictures of me being chased by a lion/elephant/rhino. be patient (unless you want to see all 3000 pictures). the whole team at has been quite busy lately, as we're in the process of moving apartments, so it might be a while (though a few unrelated intermediary posts might show up between now and then).

stay tuned!

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