Tuesday, November 03, 2009

randomfotologie (for nerds and such).

once again, it's time for me to clear my head (and my desktop), by depositing the random collection of photographs that have been gathering from the interwebs towards the ether that is this inevitable post.

let's begin, shall we?

some disturbing PhotoShop work from some random guy:

more PhotoShop work taken from somewhere else, this time with an old-timey model [ba]T vibe:

keeping with the caped-crusader theme, some cover art from a recent issue of a Grant Morrison Batman series i'm reading. while the color does bring it to life. the black & white is really quite brilliant by itself:

speaking of awesome black & white (and keeping with the comics theme), behold the following wonderous image of my friend Norrin Radd of Zenn La (aka the Silver Surfer):

an then there was the time that Popeye had to lay down the whupass on Namor, the sub-Mariner (Marvel Team Up #531):

also from the House of Ideas archives, behold, the Grimm-stache:

and because all the kids are on "the Facebooks" these days, i thought i'd give you a glimpse of what's REALLY going down in there. sadly, none of these guys accept my friends requests. that doesn't keep me from FB-stalking them (although none of this is probably funny to all your non-nerds with "friends" and "hobbies", who play "sports" "outside"):

speaking of NERDS. this is one of the places you do want a nerd (that can use a lightsaber) - THE WHITE HOUSE:

keeping with the Star Wars motif, the most awesomeest school bus in a galaxy far, far away:

and while we're talking advanced robotics, behold quite possibly the BEST PUMPKIN EVER (origin de punkotron):

more robots, you say? sadly, the PunkoTron doth not (why am i talking like this?) come from my neighborhood. this was the best we could find (seriously, from just down the street in Tarrytown):

speaking of robots. nothing cool ever happens in the U-S-of-A. but you know where the cool shit goes down? JAPAN (take that crop-circles):

and to bring it back from the far east to the east coast - i think 7-11 is launching a marketing campaign with the adorable Japanese domo character (as seen on this discarded coffee cup, which i found on the ground, and left there for the sake of other passer-by's photo-art, excess kitten control, and of course, monster biodegradation):

also in local news, i found the most awesomest library in my county (that also doubles as the headquarters for a superhero team). i'm not biased bc they have EIGHT SHELVES of graphic novels.

classing it up a notch, some graphic designer he'd be all "cool" by rebranding some classic Hitchcock:

speaking of hi-class art:

keeping it snooty, see the desktop screenshot taken from Windows 7. someone who already has it, please tell me if this is a standard background, or was the WIRED reviewer just a huge Chris Sickles fan (who donated all the studio art for Happen Northside)


recently a friend decided to outsource her auntly (in law) duties to me, by sending her friend Flat Stanley to me in NY. at my next foray into the cities wonders, i brought my good friend Stanley along. more of the pictures of Stanley's tribulations can be found here:

so that's all for this [insert average duration of time between raman's random foto-posts]. i leave you with the following thought:


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