Monday, November 09, 2009

vote chili.

Surya Yalamanchili has just entered the running for the "raman's buddies doing something meaningful with their life" award (to be clear, it's a highly competitive honor contested by non-profits, toymakers, teachers, comedians, and green-web startups alike).

that, and he's running for Congress in Ohio's 2nd district:

hopefully this [article] will be the first of a LOT of press coverage.

even though i can no longer vote in OH (as i'm part of the NY-east-coast-voting-elite), i'm putting my support behind Surya (as is the entire team here at - and not just bc i want a fellow comic-book geek in the Congress, but because he's one of the few i feel will do his damnedest to make a difference (and i agree with a lot of his social/political thinking) without getting sidelined by business-as-usual politcs. call me an idealist.

and YES, Surya was on TV. thankfully, he's way more than the caricature he was obviously portrayed as there. he's definitely one of those guys you should want making a difference in DC.

if you're one of my local Cincinnati friends (or even if you don't live in OH) - i'd encourage you to get to know Surya and his politics. even if you're not in his voting district - see what YOU can do to donate your time and/or money to what i hope to be one of the best grassroots campaigns the city will have ever seen.

vote 'Chili in 2010.

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  1. I signed his petition to run on voting day. Glad to hear he's a friend of yours.


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