Wednesday, May 19, 2010

come with me...

i've got a few other posts swimming in my head, but in the interim, thought i'd mix it up my sharing this ad, which i've been seeing quite a bit lof ately. i love the concept, song and the drawings, if not the service it's promoting...


  1. Banks and telcos are not my friend. They already make me grab my ankles and bite down hard, why do they have to gloat about it with this emotional mushy crap?

    Raman, you're the inside man. Can you take them down?

  2. that's the (evil) genius of marketing. makes you feel warm and fuzzy while you turn and cough.

    i'd try to change them from the inside, wolf in sheepskin and all that - but i only work for the soap company...they're not as evil as the banks/telcos.

  3. Side note. I needed international dialing capability on my phone, and told customer service (not complaining) that I thought it was weird that I had to pay for text even though I had an unlimited data plan. On the next bill I had free texting. Feel slightly bad that I'm leaving Verizon for AT&T next April because no smart phone has a better designed running arm band than the i-phone.


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