Friday, May 21, 2010

write the future?

so Nike released this a few days ago in the lead up to the World Cup. they claim it's their best ad* ever. i'm not so sure, but you be the judge (be sure to lean back and watch it full screen). it's long, but stick with it til the end, as it's much more than it seems:

*i find it amusing that while this IS an ad, just not in the typical 15/30/60 second TV-centric manner which we're limited to thinking. how often will this 3-minute ad actually be aired on TV? probably not much. you'd think that as a "new media" guy, i should be elated. but as much as i sometime enjoy it (when done well, as this one is), long-form ADVERTISING (not video) is still sometimes a copout, exuding out of the pre-defined margins (coloring outside the lines?) that has so long defined the (TV/advertising) medium - meaning it will touch less people (even though those few who see it will likely more deeply connect). at least until the distribution/consumption models change scale. we're not there...YET.

until then, this is just another entertaining mini-movie, that happens to be made by some guys that want to sell you some shoes. just do it (already).

there, this post isn't just a random video post to avoid the broader commentary that you have come to know and love from


  1. Well it doesn't make me want buy Nike any more than any other brand -- I'll buy whichever shoe is most comfortable -- but it *does* get me excited for the world cup. 18 days to go!

  2. PS: Since I'm talking to a "Marketing Guy", can you tell me why Lynx doedorant (I think it's called 'Axe' in North America) keep changing their colours? I find a smell I like, I notice it's in an orange themed can -- easy to remember. I go back a month later to buy another can and there's now 4 orange themed cans, and the smells are different. Surely marketing to men is easy??? (hint: keep the same damn colour with the same damn smell). Help me out, man....

  3. Mark Becker11:32 AM

    You have to take off your CPG hat and view this commercial from a different perspective.

    - Nike doesn't dominate soccer as it does most sports. They're still establishing themselves in world soccer vs. Adidas, Puma, etc.
    - Developing (monetizing) the US soccer market is a priority for Nike, ABC/ESPN, FIFA and every soccer brand. It's the most potentially lucrative soccer market (as it is in most categories) due to the population's buying power and # of youth players (the US has the largest pool of youth players in the world). The trick is to convert youth players into lifelong fans, which has been a failure so far. The World Cup is a tremendous platform to engage the casual soccer fan...but it's still not clear how they can be retained.

    Brand building - I think it's a success
    Creating excitement in the World Cup - I think it's a success as well


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