Tuesday, September 14, 2010


sure, it's just another prime number, but it was reason enough for me to take the day off and get a few "ME" things done...
  1. moved car ($^$% 8am street cleaning).
  2. slept in.
  3. morning shower (that's something considering i've become a night showerer)
  4. read the economist.
  5. work email to a work friend (even though i'm not working).
  6. NY tips for a friend planning a surprise birthday trip.
  7. read some comic books.
  8. made some postcards.
  9. went for a walk.
  10. bought some postcard stamps.
  11. bought some quarters.
  12. went to the library.
  13. tried some cheese.
  14. got some candies walnuts.
  15. got a jerk pork panini.
  16. got a Dr. Pepper.
  17. sat in the park for lunch and contemplative thinking.
  18. talked to a guy about yogurt.
  19. put icing on cupcakes.
  20. read some birthday cards.
  21. got some sweet audio stuff from my sis + new brother-in-law.
  22. attempted to fix my blackberry.
  23. called + talked to my troubled cousin.
  24. looked into some interesting grad school programs.
  25. made some wedding plans.
  26. went to the gym.
  27. making fajitas for friends for dinner tonight.
  28. made fresh salsa (last night, but for today, so it counts).
  29. will play some video games (Mario!)
  30. will read some comics books.
  31. this blog post.

so in reality, it's not much different from any other day that i stay at home and not work. not as much quiet introspection as i would have liked, but y'know, there's always tomorrow (and the day after).


  1. Megan B7:09 PM

    Happy Birthday!!! Fresh salsa is always better the next day, I think.

  2. I find #11 suspect.

  3. Okay, #11 makes more sense now.

    Also, I'm loving the candles. They make the picture.

  4. Happy birthday for last week Raman!!

  5. did you work out at the gym? or just go and look around?


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