Saturday, September 04, 2010

my content conundrum (in the shallows).

WHY is it easier for me to... the Starman, Superman, or indie comics/graphic novels (via the library, TFAW, or Amazon) VS the Nick Hornby, Dave Eggers, or Ashok Banker collecting dust on my shelf/bedside table?

...skim/obsess through articles from Wired, Fast Company, and/or Google Reader VS sitting down with my weekly copies of the Economist and/or the New Yorker? an episode of Mad Men, [insert HBO series], or Clone Wars VS catching up on any # of films (foreign or domestic) that i've been meaning to watch?

damn you Nicholas Carr for articulating it so much better than i could have. but that doesn't mean i'm going to read your book (i just got 14 new graphic novels from the library)!

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  1. agree... we've heard it before but it really is our ADD society... kinda goes back to what my friend in seattle asked me when i asked him what kind of movies he has in his netflix queue...

    "well, what do i like or what would i like to like? i'd like to tell you it's Casablance and Citizen Kane but it's Family Guy Season II for the 4th time."

    after a long day, sometimes we don't have the energy to consume the good stuff so we opt for the brainless or at least the easily digestible...

    one reason i've taken your advice and shortened my blog posts...

    now if only i can learn the same w/ comments.


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