Saturday, October 20, 2007

broad-based explosives.

here's the first set of pictures from thailand. we spent most of our day wandering the streets downtown and checking out the Chatuchuk weekend market (and the MBK mall), after which we had a pretty posh dinner (expensive, by either Thai or American standards) at a Thai/Indian place called Face.

now, you might be asking yourself, "self, what kind of title is 'broad-based explosives?' "


one of the things i had planned to do on my inaugural visit to Thailand was to have a few shirts made for myself. i asked around at work for a tailor reference, and a Malay friend said her fiance' had gotten a few made, and gave me a phone # to call before i left Singapore. i called, and talked to a guy, asking for directions to his shop. when i asked for the name of his shop, through his thick accent, what i heard was "broad-based explosives." i found this odd, but was in a rush to get home and get to the airport.

so we're walking around bangkok saturday morning, address in hand, looking for the tailor, and this is what we found (focus on the ACTUAL name for the humorous effect) btw, i just looked at the website, which grossly overstates the look/feel of the actual place, which is nice, but a bit more hole-in-the wall). anyhow,i think this is one of those things i will always find this amusing, even several years from now. i had a shirt made, which was great at fitting, so opted to have 3 more. look for me to be sporting some stylin' threads at work tuesday...

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