Tuesday, October 23, 2007

singapore is training their children to kick our ass*

LOOK! i have stealthily-acquired photo-evidence to prove it:

every few days after work, i walk by their training compound, or "community center," as they call it, where i see the local youths being trained, with martial bows in the fine art of ass-kickery.

as if that wasn't enough, all local males are conscripted to serve a few years in the military in their latter teenage years (seriously). and through further personal observation (people watching on the MRT) i've concluded that much of their precious time between the youthful days of combat training and the elder years of military combat are actually spent honing their mind in digital combat, as they are constantly wielding Sony PSPs (rather than the more innocent and docile Nintendo DS the rest of the world is so enamoured with), no doubt playing their war-games.

we must begin to prepare our defenses. before it's too late.

*this post was written in absolute sarcasm, and i appeal to the Singaporean government to not arrest and/or cane me. please. i'm delicate.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Holy hell, run for the hills!

    It's like Red Dawn!



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