Wednesday, October 31, 2007

royale with cheese.

not one, but TWO interesting food anecdotes to share from the other side of the world, both of which prove my theory that more often than not, the great food isn't at the swank restaraunt (which are still provide atmosphere and sometimes humor), but rather the dives (providing similar, but superior benefits at an inferior price).

#1: on my manager's last night in town, we took her to a swank/trendy Chinese restaraunt on the Espanade/Raffles Place called "Our Humble House." it was anything but. the food (we enjoyed a few dishes, the highlights being the Singapore Peking duck + a few Tiger beers) was good, not great. but if anything, the menu more than made up for it. read the title of each dish (underneath the Chinese):

SERVER: "what would you like to order, sir?"
RAMAN: "i'll have
That Happy Feeling, In the Heat of the Moment."
SERVER: "very good sir, i'm sure you will."

#2: further supporting by above theory, last night we met up w/ one of kat's DISTANT cousins here, who just happens to work in my building (though not for PG, but rather the Ministry of Homeland Defense...uh oh).

anywho, they took us back to Little India (which retains it's title as "Raman's favorite place in Singapore") for dinner, at a hole in the wall South Indian place, where everyone was having masala dosa. though i opted for the classic raman favorite, Channa Bhatura:

no that's not a donut/pastry. that's a MASSIVE bhatura. i made sure the glass was in the picture so you could see it's relative size. and it's served on a beetle leaf, so you know it's fresh!

the other thing this proved is that in the record of delicious meals eaten in Singapore, Indian food is totally kicking Chinese food's butt. boo-yah!

now if you'll pardon me, i have to go to a
Fragrant Meadow, because Morning Has Broken.

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