Monday, February 11, 2008

is nothing sacred?

apparantly there have been many changes in the US while i was gone. today i'm going to write about what to me, has been, by far, the most outrageous egregious (there are actually many more "real" ones, which i will write about in a more serious tone, but for now, have fun with this one, i sure did):

the other day i was just catching up on ANOTHER crossover of "World War Hulk" (the Irredeemable Ant-Man* #10 to be exact), and i noticed something funny:
surely that's just a coincidence. just a few familiar-looking letters, or was it?

believe it or not, "the stupidest thing i've ever done" are not the words you should be paying attention to in the above frame (though i think the artist Phil Hester was probably thinking that has he put the finishes on this page). still though, some minor branding aside, this all seemed innocent enough, but as i turned the page...

WHUDD! it hit me, and kept getting worse, and WORSE:

i mean, seriously? in the bowels of a gamma irradiated monster, we find the all-too-familar bottle of bodywash? one of my favorites: a close up of THE In-FREAKING-credible Hulk getting knocked out by Iron Man (who was sporting some pretty sweet HulkBuster armor BTW, the overall "World War Hulk" storyline, and the preceding "Planet Hulk" arc are really a testament to Marvel's willingness to take on some pretty intense issues like prisoner treatment, etc), and there just HAPPENS to be a bottle of Old Spice Body Wash flailing through the air with all the debris?

i'm going to have to agree with Ant-Man on this one:

it was almost enough to make me go...

but i guess this was to be expected. when i take off my corporate/marketing hat + put on my "in touch" consumer hat, i AM a pretty hard guy to reach with traditional advertising. for TV - i DVR/slingbox. i only read a few specific magazines (Wired, Economist, Rolling Stone), and i dabble w/ online ad-blockers (so long as you don't mess w/ my Scrabulous). so how exactly is Old Spice (a brand i use, and to be clear, owned by the same guys who write my paycheck) supposed to reach me? once again, Ant-Man sums it up for me...

all in all, this was pretty ridonkulous. shame on you Old Spice**.
Wrakkathoom indeed.

*don't make fun of me for reading Ant-Man, OK, it was a Hulk crossover. don't make Raman angry. when Raman angry, Raman SMASH.
**but of course, maybe Phil Hester (the artist of attached comic) is really into Old Spice, in which case, it's OK, and i retract above curse)


  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    You can find more background on this integration here:

    In short, the book was being canceled so Phil decided to do something funny/subversive with the required product integration.

    I think it's hilarious - and (ironically) very intune with OS equity ;)

  2. touche' kevin. way to steal my thunder.

    for perspective, kevin is my buddy who works on Old Spice (who i was keen to give a hard time about their placement).


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