Friday, February 22, 2008

not just style, substance.

credit to my friend stefan and thinkonthesethings for picking this up. basically a pretty abrasive reporter tries picking on a "slacker youth's" political interest, only to find said youth actually knew what he was talking about:

also see:
“Obama Supporter, Derrick, Responds to Video and Explains the Emotional View“

here's what our friends at the Economist had to say:

ONE of the most interesting political videos on YouTube features a young Obama supporter, Derrick Ashong. A camera-wielding interviewer collars Mr Ashong in the street and starts to pepper him with questions. The interviewer assumes that his victim’s casual appearance—he is wearing a baseball hat, a shell necklace and is chewing gum—betokens an equally casual approach to politics. “Do you have any specifics?” he demands aggressively. “What are their policies?” Mr Ashong delivers a series of carefully argued replies that could form the basis of an editorial in a serious newspaper. The interviewer is increasingly abashed. But, having delivered his defence of Barack Obama, Mr Ashong concludes the interview by saying “I’m independent. I’m not a Democrat. I might vote for McCain.”

and finally, if my political preferences weren't already readily apparent, i also found this somewhat interesting

go vote already. but make sure you know what you're voting for.

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