Thursday, September 25, 2008

conversating on the "liberal bias"

in my ongoing lame observation/commentary of the campaign's digital strategy (and a bit more on the personal front), today i've been having a back-and-forth conversation with a very intelligent Republican friend of mine...

DISCLAIMER: i'm a total lefty liberal (it only got worse abroad), but if you didn't already know that, you're either...
(1) not reading my blog,
(2) don't know me, and/or
(3) are just stupid (sorry, but it's true, just accept it and move on)...
here's what started it: i got the above email from the McCain camp (i've been signed up for the 2...major candidates email programs for some time now, a topic on which i frequently post.

i forwarded to my friend, with the following comment

"funny that their site is still sending out automated reminders to a debate he does not want to have (whether rightfully or wrongfully so)"

his response:
"agreed. but, this is a nearly unprecedented scenario that i doubt they had in mind when they designed the system. ;)"

i get snarky + send a link:
(further insinuating that the McCain camp didn't have their shit together digitally, and this is just one of many symptoms of that):
AdAge: What Obama Can Teach You About Millennial Marketing"

friend shoots back a zinger:

"i agree... they have the marketing down pat. too bad i don't like what's in the bottle."

raman gets preachy:

"i really think you should TRY to read both the candidates books (thus ignoring the spin the media is putting here). frankly, it's like interviewing both of the candidates.

...or at least get the audio books."

friend retorts (respectfully):

"fair point, but i am not going to.
it's a matter of of priorities in how i spend my time, and there are a lot of items on the list above that. things that are important to me like community service, exercise, work, etc.
...i respect the amount of reading you ARE doing, but that's your choice too."

raman re-retorts (respectfully, and comically):
"well half the reason i'm reading McCain's books are to:

(1) get a better understanding of him as a candidate/leader/politician, and

(2) draw a better comparison between him + MY candidate so i can better convince others 'on the fence' and that is clearly more than just telling you to read the book.
...i must slowly, subtly brainwash you. mwa hahah.

friend counters (sarcastically?):

and i'm going to convince you to become Catholic.

raman responds (sadly):
while you might not convince me to be Catholic, you (or people, society in general, but you can be the lead if you want) might convince me to believe in something again =)

friend forwards a (related) link:
"on the topic of spin:

Washington Times: BLANKLEY: Media covering for Obama

raman gets riled up:
right, this is why people should do their own research** VS believing everything that's played back to them in the media. agreed that Obama's gotten favorable coverage, but maybe it's because he's that good. also, Fox News, the #1 cable news station in America is NOT giving him favorable coverage, and that means something.

**not saying the candidate's books are not spin in themselves (self perpetuated, naturally), but it's a hell of a lot closer, bc it gives the author (Obama or McCain) all the time in the world to talk (unedited for a soundbyte) about their points, politics, and experiences, and lets the reader judge for themselves. half the stuff your article cited [not being known], i actually know quite a bit about, bc i've READ about them.

i can say the same about McCain, which is more than most American's can do.

hmmm. i'm getting riled up here. this might have to be a blog entry. after i post a few goofy videos.
in the meantime, check out this (conversationally relevant) beta link a little birdie from Google sent me:


now i hope these sort of conversations are actually happening around our fair country, but sadly they are probably not. because we choose not to associate with those of opposing views (or frankly, be informed enough).

i'll be honest, i DO mostly surround myself with like minded people, i just happen to have this particular close friend that harbors opposing political beliefs (and yet we remain friends, a fact of which i am proud) and is pretty intelligent at that (i would gather far smarter than me).

so what's it going to take?

otherwise we're all just talking to ourselves. myself especially.

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