Thursday, September 04, 2008

like i needed another reason to dislike Kid Rock.

so the other day i was at the movies with some buddies. now i've gotten over the fact that i must be subjected to 20 mins of advertisements (if it keeps the theatres afloat, fine, but i really wish they'd find a better profit sharing arrangement w/ the Hollywood studios VS making me pay for it w/ higher ticket prices, concession costs, and advertising), but what really got me was when i was subjected to the following propaganda:

(this is the only version i could find on YouTube, the edit featured in theatres focused only on Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kid Rock, and the army's adventures in the Middle East)

now i'm as big a NASCAR fan as the next guy (actually, "fan" is putting it strongly, but i DO appreciate it as a unique piece of our culture, which is OK in my book), but what the crap does Kid Rock, the army, and NASCAR have to do w/ one another? augh! i am still so annoyed w/ this ad that i can't even articulate myself correctly (but what's new). talk about bundling a bunch of stereotypical things together to push a message that is the wrong one. i'm all about patriotism, our troops, etc, but being a "warrior" is nothing to be glorified in the culture(like pro sports of any kind), it should be something that is used w/ a measured restraint.

Kid Rock, you (still) suck.

1 comment:

  1. If some Michigan wannabe badass did this to my state's rock song, he could do no worse.

    And to think, I once thought this was bad.


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