Saturday, January 23, 2010

more random pictures

who's ready for some random pictureness?

how New Yorkers see the rest of the world, and see their fair city.

yes i saw Avatar. yes i liked it. but there's some truth to what's below. doesn't change it from being a good story. just not original.

look closely, in the trees. thanks to (old HS roommate) John for sharing:

on a more highbrow level, i thought this exchange between Luke Cage and Logan was pretty poignant (from the
Civil War crossover a few years ago). who said comics were for kids?

a pretty good depiction of what i envision in my morning stretches, followed by the most awesome crossover that's never gonna happen.

when researching
my previous post, i searched for a good 70s sci-fi image, and came across this beautiful montage. if you can name everyone need to get a life.

unrelated to my previous post (
the 90s), but randomly found on a bag we recently gave to Goodwill.

why living in a small NY town is awesome. this was seen ON MY STREET. what i love about this car (beyond the obvious), is that they went with a THEME. a really weird rodent-disney-egyptian theme. AND they got the back painted (with heiroglyphics). AND the vanity plate. AND the mouse antenna bobber. it's really a thing of beauty that makes me smile everytime i walk down my street.

best public service announcement seen outside the commuter train.

and finally. a fantastic short film by Lego. makes me want to go build stuff. instead i sit behind this infernal machine.


  1. Comics are for kids. Oh, and Godwin's Law applies to Logan, too, apparently.

  2. you know who else made a comment like that? hitler.


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