Monday, January 25, 2010

my $60 smile.

in case anyone was wondering what my jawbone looks like, behold (and beware):

the story: my new dentist thought he saw something funky in my <$60 x-rays, so had the oral-surgeon next door do a fancy 360-degree one (just to be safe), for which i had to pay cash-money (out of pocket!).

the verdict: i'm good to go. the receptionist was even nice enough to give ME an extra copy (now on the fridge). and if that wasn't enough, she emailed me one too.


hopefully no one chooses to identity thieve me now with my partial dental records.


  1. Haha, that's great! Good OPG (that's the name of the x-ray).
    See now don't you feel special because you've got a piece of you looking back at you every day? From the fridge...

    Shame about the cost though - I could have don't it for you free... ;)

  2. 360 == panoramic? You should swing by Jaymes office next time in AL. I have her office all teched out. I like it when office equipment has ip addresses. I'm hoping my next fridge can be connected to my network.

  3. bron- free xray, expensive commuter cost to come to your office

    hamid- i hear they're actually called OPGs. that, and i'm hoping my next pair of hands have magnetic powers. but whatever would i call them?!?

  4. looks like you have healthy teeth! must be that Crest fresh impact...I would beware of the ID theft, however. I recently heard of a neighborhood Indian-American stealing hundreds of comic books, action figures, and week in review archives. the news said all he needed was an OPG x-ray and he would be indestructible... :)


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