Monday, June 09, 2008

broken phone. broken dreams.

riding my bike home from work (something i almost copped out of doing, and would have, were it not for narrowly missing the #4 bus), i ran into a wall whilst trying to avoid a pedestrian.

it hurt. a lot. but i kept riding up my three hills. i got home, heated up some leftover home-cooked indian food (thanks Raj + Emily). and then my phone rang. i went to pick it up, and this is what i saw:
so now what? it's not just the screen that is shattered, but the entire display does nothing but give me a wall of white (meaning i can answer the phone, but not much else).

well it would so happen that on the very same day my good friend Steve Jobs revealed the latest in trendy consumer electronics geekdom:

the 3G iphone. comes out July 11. half the price of the original.

now mind you, i've always wanted one. all my friends assume i already have one. but i'm sorry to disappoint, the iPhone originally came out ONLY in the US while i was living in Asia, and while the greasy Malaysian guy at Sim Lim Square would have made me a great deal on one (or something that looked REALLY close to it), i'd simply decide to wait. but i DID receive a few Apple gift cards over the holidays, which i planned to put to use for something with the Apple logo on it.

upon returning stateside, i was soon seeing them everywhere. i resisted. so many people had them. but i was going to stray from the pack. my current phone was good enough. i could get online. connect to work email. twitter. gmail. i did miss my blackberry pearl though (company would not pay for the exorbitant fees to have that roaming all over Asia).

besides, a big part of me didn't want to be like everyone else. like Kana Ellis, John Hawbaker, Dan Cronican, Barack Obama, Alejandro Ramirez, random agency people. and i'm still sure there would be some cool Google Android phones coming out soon.

but now i don't have a phone. it, like my dreams of resistance have been shattered. can i wait a month?

perhaps i'll go on a mobile phone fast for a month. unless of course you have an old ATT-compatible (or unlocked) phone you want to loan me. i promise i'll *try* not to run into any walls.

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  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    You're welcome to my old Moto. It's like the SLVR, except no camera. So, basically still a mobile phone fast. Ha.

    If you want to stay rebellious, don't get the white iPhone. I believe it will be the new geek status device.


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