Monday, June 09, 2008

crashing the ivy.

having spent the past few days in Ithaca, NY (at the Cornell 5-year Reunion w/ my better half + her close friends), i find myself remiss.

overall, a good time, consisting of college dorms (freshman year flashbacks!), wine tours, gi-normous vans (with automated doors!), finger lakes, buttermilk falls, flying dandelions, senior citizens (c/o 33 rules!), myriad tents, grassy slopes, insane gorges, school songs, and LOTS of free alcohol.

while it was an all-around productive weekend (anytime with my favorite person seeing a new place is a definite plus in my book), i found myself yearning for what never was - the semi-elite academic camaraderies and experiences not found from my undergrad + grad days ...though to be fair, i have some warm (and awkward) memories of fun + school spirit to be had.

though not surprisingly, i was never left with the desire to attend reunions of any sort from HS/college, despite my keeping in contact w/ the longtime friends made during those periods of my life. i guess i've always focused on the people VS the experiences from any specific place in my life. i find myself certainly lacking when it comes to school pride (esp when compared to what i observed during the recent weekend's experience).

regardless, they really should do something about all that ivy hanging on the side of the buildings everywhere. it's really quite tacky.

but i digress. below are links to the respective albums that tell the narrative visually (as it is far too late + i refuse to place captions):

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