Tuesday, August 19, 2008

[campaign] video strategies

in an effort to continue to support my boy Barry, i wanted to share a video his campaign released last week that has me wanting to go volunteer to paint a barn when i get back in town:

how much of this is propaganda? i don't know. but it sure as hell makes you feel the grassroots of it all. i'm inspired.

more importantly though, i want to show a quick contrast. here are 2 screenshots from both campaigns video advertising sections on their respective websites. take a quick glance (click to see bigger image), and tell me what you see (i've taken the courtesy of boxing the relevant parts of the McCain campaign in RED).

one campaign is going to TOWN with the attack ads that do no good other than slander and the other? oh they're just showing SPEECHES on policy (to be fair, the McCain campaign devotes a section to speeches). are there attack ads coming from the Obama campaign? yes, but the few i've seen on TV have been "counter attacks."

i guess you could say any politician HAS to play this game. but that's not what Johny Mac told Chris Matthews a few months earlier:

...like i'm sure it did for Chris, this ran a thrill up my leg.

lastly, to keep this purely "fair and balanced," let me share one more screenshot from something i saw this morning. basically, my buddy Rajiv is part of a cable talk show ("Pan Desi," in which HE is actually pretty funny, in his own way, as usual). anyhow, i was watching him interview a Barack supporter, and look at what advertising showed up...

surprisingly good use of Google's contextual targeting capabilities by the McCain campaign, but again i question the content of the message.

that's all for now. tune in next time, when i eventually start making sense.

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  1. i'm honored. flattered. touched. pick one and go with it.


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