Thursday, August 28, 2008

"this is not about me, this is about US."

now i know what you're expecting. more gushing about my boy Barry's acceptance speech at the finale of the DNC (don't worry, we'll find a way to get to that later, but the title of this post WAS my favorite line of the night's speech).

but since i'm still WAITING for the transcript/video of the speech (which met, no exceeded expectations), to be posted SOMEWHERE (anywhere!) online (
here are the best excerpts i could find), i figured tonight i'd INSTEAD post this gem, which my roommate Jason JUST shared with me from that other guy:

my guess? genuine (though there was a hint of snark at 0:14, "how perfect, that your nomination would come on this historic day"). but probably the best (and only) way to respond the numerous aggressive, confrontational (and rightful) remarks my boy Barry put on Johnny Mac during his acceptance speech earlier tonight. regardless, this is classy. reallll classy.
and just for more context, it was on the HOMEPAGE of (but they didn't send an email). i am pretty sure it won't be live tomorrow: i'm Raman Sehgal, and i approved this message.


  1. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Hey Raman,
    Who are you going to vote for?

    I kid, I kid. I liked the speech too.

  2. What Obama just did was nothing short of amazing, and nothing less than the most important speech for progressive values of Jefferson and Lincoln in my lifetime.

    A new day has begun in this country. He is going to run away with this.

    But for anyone who was really paying attention, it was also a call for America to take responsibility for itself. I, for one, intend to do my part.

  3. KP - i'm just as inspired as you, but remain skeptical. but this is why you are always "the optimist/superhero" in my book...


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