Sunday, August 24, 2008

personal archetypes.

sure, we've all got friends, but what does that actually MEAN? surely (hopefully?) it's more than just someone to go see a movie with.

like any of us, a number of people have been a part of my life through the years. some more than others. but, in some form or fashion, i choose to carry their example with me.
what i've learned is that what appeals to me about every single one of them is that they each represent an aspect of me to which i aspire. these are things that they each uniquely own (to me), but also that which i hope to learn + better myself from.

it's similar to racing with
one whom you cannot beat. you might not win, but it keeps things interesting, and in the end, you're better for it. i chose not to list any names, and i'm pretty sure, even if you THINK you find yourself on this list, you probably won't know who the rest are. it doesn't really matter though, as with most things i write here, they are for me, not you :)


younger than many of us (it surprises me how much so), has been through more in life than most, and yet still finds a way to see that the world can do better (to an ALMOST annoying degree :)...not to be confused with optimism. he is willing to make the right choice/bear the appropriate penance (by a standard larger than him or us), to do
the thing that is right + just (which most of US willfully choose to neglect, because it's easier). though he can often tend to live in his own bubble, he does struggle every day with the inequities of the systems in which we live. he has the ability to achieve more than most can dream, if he just realizes his role and responsibility in the world, and lets himself act.

THE EGO/ACHIEVER: (s.y./d.k.)
two people fit here for me, but unfairly so, because i don't know them as well as i should like. i honestly find them more
intimidating than i probably should, and i actually use a healthy reproach/snark to keep me comfortable around them. to call them visionaries would only fuel the swelling egos they both (sometimes) successfully keep in check, but they are certainly both (seemingly?) intelligent and capable to a ridiculous degree, willing to take far more risks/spend far more time on things that i am far too lazy for. if they don't acheive big things, it will only be because they chose not to embrace the modesty which must balance their hubris.


i regretfully continue to lose my connection here, but every time i check back in here, i am continuously astounded with the choices this person has made
that are clearly moving the world towards a more positive light. has embraced art more than i ever could/chose to, without making any excuses of why or why not. has pursued his study to the degree of a practical, positive pursuit. it has taken him around the world and back, with a single intent in mind. oh, and he moved back to where it seems everyone left (never to return) to become a teacher. and along the way, has even helped cultivate a new term (locavore)

despite the moniker, this is NOT who you might think. i will always bear the regret of not having realized early enough that the weight of the world ran so deep here. pleasing others/the world always meant more, even though it ultimately (likely) brought about their own undoing in a moment of self-convinced conviction. the smartest person i know, period. no one i've ever met holds a candle. this is not fond reflection, but the truth. there are those who work hard for their intellect, and those who are have in innate intelligence that escapes the rest of us. then there are those that have both. the result is staggering. despite it all, this is someone who took any situation and turns it on its head for a quick laugh. whether it be playing marco polo in a grocery store or eating paper (rather than taking notes on it).


someone i met late in my academic life, but struck an instant connection of interests with (comics, fiction, music), that would be maintained
over distances easily traveled afar (+ surprisingly often), and later more difficultly near (+ not often enough). similar to the creator/conserver, he represented an ideal of the world, but more in view than consistent practice, but an inspiration nonetheless. despite aspirations that were only limited by his choices, i always expected him to always do the right thing until a single choice brought him down to be as flawed as any of us. was it done of the right reasons? that is not my place to say, but it is something he will always bare, and a lesson i will always remember. while i am now unsure if he can escape the underlying mistaken tendencies, i hope he will, because then i can still have hope for any of us.

able to get to anyone, anywhere, to smile, more than anyone else i know. more easily accomplished individually, in person, rather than on life's stage. it is here though, that the world provides his living, for fodder and finance. much was given up to take such a risk and chase a dream, but he will have far fewer regrets when older than i. like to the ego/achiever,
he could definitely enjoy the occasional slice of humble pie (rather than becoming complacent in how he imbibes life), but UNLIKE them, he makes no illusions of what he does not know. he's rather just make fun. his friendship is a loyal, but difficult one. one could easily question if it is worth it, but that misses the point. the fun is the occasional journey along the way rather than the destination, so i just sit back and enjoy the ride (show?).


attuned to the limits of his own wisdom (something many of us are not), but wanting just a bit more (for him and his surroundings, this is this is someone who i honestly believe IS going to save the world (even if it doesn't know it should be), or die trying. whether he becomes a local politician, or opens a small community cinema, he will crusade for justice and happiness until we turn around and realize he's changed us too. i've never met someone as (pro)active, and count myself lucky to have. he probably got this way from reading so many comic books. and no, this is neither me, or who i think i am. it is someone i am proud to
know, and i want to be when i grow up.

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  1. I have no idea where you found that Patrick Stewart video, but it belongs center stage at the next Star Trek athon.




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