Monday, October 20, 2008

facebook gone too far.

so i got a note from Facebook earlier tonight. turns out the guy who used to beat me up in elementary school (and tried in junior high, but i learned to fight back*) found me online + wants to be my friend...

the nice thing about Facebook friend requests, is that it lets you take a quick peak at their profile (as you can see above). so what do i do? part of is relieved to find that he grew up into the stereotype i assumed he would turn in to. part of me is proud of the person i turned into, even though i had idiots like this guy bullying me around in those awkward years. and part of me says, "ah screw it, why not."

what would you do?
*not really, i just learned to disappear/blend in, and had other, cooler friends to keep me out of trouble.

on a related note. my buddy megan sent me this, which i'm sure many of you have already seen:


  1. I luv that video. "He's writing on your wall, 'Hey dickhead!'"

  2. Anonymous10:40 PM

    that's funny. all of my bullies are on myspace.

  3. I hope he doesn't check your blog hah

    Perhaps ready to apologize? I actually ran into one of the guys that made my life HELL from 6th-8th grade about a year ago @ a bar. He came up to me and apologized for everything and said he's realized how much of an ass he was. I have great respect for him now - even though he put me through that.


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