Thursday, October 02, 2008

we're going to miss you man :....(

it's always a shame when great talent moves on, but this is quite probably the biggest one that's had the most personal impact to me in my career. so naturally, i employed my rudimentary Photoshop skills to doctor the following up (to place in a frame where everyone could sign around their well wishes). the result is below:
i think it turned out quite well. it was hard to come up with a concept that could encompass ALL the different things this guy (Andy) has meant to us here. if there were a career in this, i think i could make quite a bit of money (Raman the closet creative, one day i'll post the rest of the "goodbyes" i've created). too bad that only good products get created when you genuinely know the person.

off to his happy hour to send Andy away. then to Week in Review. then the debates. then packing. then sleeping. then work. then San Francisco (again)!

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