Wednesday, October 15, 2008

screw TV, alt marketing.

believe it or not, contrary to the title, this is NOT a work related post. now i could easily go on and on about the debates, the negative TV ads, or the borderline hateful stump speeches.

but i'm not [that smart]. rather, i'm just going to show you some cool examples of how one campaign is leveraging alt marketing. whether or not it works, i cannot comment. but man this is cool. one candidate clearly gets how to reach (and leverage) me.

1. roadside advertising:
but that's not seen on the road. that's in a video game baby!

2. iPhone application:

what's coolest about this? not only can i get all sorts of nifty campaign info, but it IMPORTS my contact list, and prioritizes them by the most important battleground states. neato.

3. Twittering [tweeting] candidates:
to be fair and balanced, i'll let you click to compare & contrast BOTH Obama & McCain on my favorite addictive web service:

McCain was a little late to show up to the game, but rather than simply direct you to where the next stump speech (like Obama), McCain's tweets go on the offensive.

BUT WAIT, there's more (i saved the best for last)...

4. Obamunism:
just to show you that i'm not COMPLETELY biased, check out this t-shirt my (right-leaning) roommate is considering buying. which i find ironic, since, y'know, right leaning peeps usually frown upon communism (which is relatively left leaning, or so i hear).

regardless, it still is a pretty durned cool design (that statement will probably get me in trouble when i choose to run for public office). that's all i got for now. see anything interesing out there? please share!

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