Friday, October 03, 2008

i'm retiring/bragging

so over the years, i've had a lot of friends move on to bigger and better things. a tradition at the company has often been to get one of our agency partners to mock up (via PhotoShop) some form of memento, that is eventually placed in a frame that everyone signs around.

more often than not, my department is too cheap/uncaring to commission such things for some of the better people who depart our shores (or just move departments). since i'm a sap + a closet creative, i've taken my virtual pen to the page more than a few times. but the recent departure of a close mentor and friend (and former manager) had me create my final work. i'm done. no more.

so for posterity's (and ego's) sake, i leave you with all of my work, from mar 2004 to present (click to enlarge, obviously, and in most cases, read...esp the AdAge Onion-esque articles).


but just for fun (as an encore, if you will), i'll share what one of my agencies presented me as i was leaving for Asia last year:

...astonishing, indeed.


  1. that's a very cool "ra-man" drawing!

  2. if this measurement thing doesn't work out, you can always become a creative on Madison Ave. = )


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