Sunday, April 18, 2010

free speech and (more) stupid emails.

now that i'm back from the lands of Arabia (more to come on that), i thought i'd sort through some of the non-critical emails that had piled up in my inbox during my dubious absence from the interwebs. and look what i found: know i had to totally clickthru to see where it took me (click to enlarge):

in numerous other screeenshot-laden posts, i've discussed my views on the ridiculousn politcal tone on one side of the fence right now (sigh).

but just to be "fair and balanced," let me show you an email i got on the SAME DAY from the other side:

...aaaaand, the clickthru:

now answer me this, which one of these emails (and subsequent micro-site) quells you into a partisan rage?

i guess freedom of speech doesn't mean you have to be civil and mature about the level of your discourse (double-sigh). maybe i should have just stayed in Dubai where i could have become an desert ski-bum (and yes, we totally did that just hours before our evening flight back to the land of the free).

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