Thursday, April 22, 2010

inevitable [alien] destruction.

on this 40th anniversary of Earth Day, i pose the following to you, my esteemed readers:
if we don't 'save the Earth' now, why are the aliens going to want to come a visit?

let's face it, we're NOT getting off this rock and to the stars (or towards infiinity, and beyond, for that matter) anytime soon, a'la Star Trek - TOS, TNG, or otherwise. we're just not THAT smart. even physics is against us. 

our only hope is really for some aliens - benevolent or otherwise to come down from the heavens and reign themselves upon us. but if we squander our beautiful blue planet, they're not really going to have any incentive to drop in for a visit.

so don't do it for your kids and grandkids. do it for the aliens. 

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