Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wadi Rum.

that's right. by now we've probably gotten to ride a camel, and are (hopefully) making plans to spend the evening in the desert with some friendly (?) Bedouins.
Wadi Rum (Arabic: وادي رم‎) also known as The Valley of the Moon (Arabic: وادي القمر‎) is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in south Jordan at 60 Km to the east of Aqaba. It is the largest wadi in Jordan. The name Rum most likely comes from an Aramaic root meaning 'high' or 'elevated'. To reflect its proper Arabic pronunciation, archaeologists transcribe it as Wadi Ramm. The highest elevation in Wadi rum is Mount Um Dami at more than 1800m above sea level.

Wadi Rum has been inhabited by many human cultures since prehistoric times, with many cultures — including the Nabateans — leaving their mark in the form of rock paintings, graffiti, and temples. As of 2007, several Bedouin tribes inhabit Rum and the surrounding area.

In the West, Wadi Rum may be best known for its connection with British officer T. E. Lawrence, who based his operations here during the Arab Revolt of 1917–18. In the 1980s one of the impressive rock formations in Wadi Rum was named "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom" in memory of Lawrence's book penned in the aftermath of the war, though the 'Seven Pillars' referred to in the book actually have no connection with Rum (i totally saw Lawrence of Arabia a few weeks ago in visual preparation for the trip).

The village of Wadi Rum consists of several hundred Bedouin inhabitants with their goat-hair tents and concrete houses, a school, a few shops, and the headquarters of the Desert Patrol.

so enjoy the warmth of your blankets and the roof over your heads. and have a sip of warm milk for me. but be forever jealous that i got to ride a camel in the desert.

and as always, feel free to learn more about Wadi Rum. this advance-post is brought to you by your (socialist) public library system. where i got my copy of Lawrence of Arabia =)

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