Friday, April 02, 2010

middle east.

that's right kids, your uncle Raman has lost his marbles (again), and tonight shall undergo on yet another far-fangled adventure. this time to the distant lands of Arabia. fortunately, he'll be traveling with his trusty sidekick double-oh-Will*, lover of ladies near and far. together we shall traverse up and down Jordan and Syria, eventually hopping over to the emirate of Dubai for some wild and crazy at the Club Chad.** 

(click the map for more detail)

honestly, the trip is far LESS harrowing than it sounds (mom), as we'll be (mostly) sticking to the guidebook and friendly-recommendations on this one. 

"but didn't former US Ambassador to the US John Bolton (nice mustache, FTW) expand Bush's 'Axis of Evil' to include Syria?" he sure did, but from everything i've read/heard from friends (who live/travel the region), Syria is actually one of the more friendly (and most interesting) nations in the region, and has gotten quite a bad rap. the US state department has actually begun re-engaging for diplomatic relations with them. however, if something happens to me, i'll probably be most upset because i won't have gotten to see the last 6 episodes of LOST.

but fret not, loyal reader. whatever happens, this won't be the last you'll be hearing of my travels as you sip your morning latte. in the coming weeks, you'll hopefully be seeing some brief (automated, pre-written) posts to make you more jealous and informed. but no promises on any live updates (as i plan to stay as far away from the interwebs as possible, bc after all, this is my vacation). feel free to leave any messages with my secretary/roommate/girlfriend =)

*WILL: undergrad roommate, former nuclear submariner, current professional loafer/rower
**CHAD: grad-school roommate, former legal banker, current bank-trader-on-Saudi-markets, and always one of the few guys (like Will) who makes my travels look lame.

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