Wednesday, September 12, 2007



the official story from BBC News.

the official story from Raman:
~7.30pm. i was still in the office working ~100 miles away. some random lady turns to me and was like "did the ground just shake?" i could not come up with a witty response fast enough, so we shrugged it off and went back to work. then we saw the blinds moving. so i sent my email to japan quickly.

we looked outside and the power was still on in the city. and cars were moving along.
...30 mins later on the short walk to the MRT then i start getting panicked texts from coworkers saying to warn all my friends at the beaches.

then i road the train home and made a salad for dinner.
...and watched curb your enthusiasm.
...then i read some comics (gen13)
...then i went to bed

(but thanks for asking)

we should all be more worried about all the people in indonesia. better yet, do more than worry and do something :)


  1. So we were on a call being led by someone from Singapore (Marco) and in the middle of the call he said, "we are having an earthquake". Then he hung up. Fortunately he is a trooper and immediately called back in. In fact he called back in so quickly we thought he was kidding, so i didn't bother to ask if he was ok.

    HAHA... I'm so insensitive early in the morning sometimes...

    Glad to hear everyone is ok... :-)

  2. marco gavin?

    and which bob is this...A (into feminine needs) or G (into bridge-building)?


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