Sunday, September 30, 2007

island in the sun.


made a trip to the harbourfront and to Sentosa Island, a small man-made beach-resort of an island off the southern coast of singapore. along for the ride were Kathryn, her friend JJ (stopping in singapore on his way back from china to cincinnati), and Jeppe (the danish guy from the weekend before who works at the biggest wind turbine company in the admirable/cool is that?).

rather than elaborate (ramble) further, i will simply refer you to the posted pictures, which are many. click the humorous image to your left to see the full album on facebook.

NOTE - raman does not endorse fruit roll-ups, the general mills company, or any of their subsidiaries. though he does find them quite yummy and delicious, and highly respects anyone who chooses to send him boxes of said delectable treat (though you will not win points for originality, as it was already done by someone quite cool)

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