Thursday, September 27, 2007

please, no feeding of monkeys.

[at least, NO corn...or bananas, but everything else is OK]

kathryn got here today (!) - at 5am*. so naturally, she will soon become a recurring member in the cast of characters that make up the antics of my blog (that is, unless she asks to be omitted from events :)

as part of my relocation "package" - the company contracts out to a local firm to give an "on-boarding session" the region. since i've been swamped with work (and have been getting coworkers/local friends to help me "cheat" to find my way around), AND i wanted something for kat to do on her first day (you gotta fight thru the jetlag), we did our official "tour" of the city today (i wonder how many more terms i can put in either (parentheses) or "quotation marks"?)

here are some other highlights from the relocation tour (i would have taken quite a few more pics but only had my my mobile):

[pop machine @ national resorvoir, dead duck @ wet market, sand castle club @ east coast park]

so prior to heading to the airport to pick up kat, i got all of 2.5 hours of sleep. why? i had gone to harbourfront to (1) get my phone fixed (thanks dopod!), and (2) meet + greet one of our i-agencies, blue (their office is on a heli-pad overlooking the harbor/sentosa, how cool is that?). of course that involved heading out for a beer on the waterfront. which turned into 2, and then 3, after numerous other blue folks in town (from CA + the UK). that later turned into a late night dinner at some random chinese "restaurant." below are some pics of the spread, as well as the progress.

[before, pile 'o chile crab, after]

thanks to chester, jaime, and the blue crew for a fun time out and about, and for making me exhausted today.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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