Tuesday, September 25, 2007

OLPC. simply phenomenal.

this is something that got me very, very excited when i stumbled upon this article in the NY Times today.

basically, the fine folks at the MIT media labs have designed, constructed, and plans to sell + distribute affordable network-based laptops (<$150)to children in the developing world. they're negotiating w/ governments of developing markets to get these out there.

though demand is currently below expectations, they're implementing a "give one, get one" program in the developed markets to drum up support. more info can be found at laptop.org

a friend of a friend at MIT had mentioned this to me awhile back, but i was unaware the program was this close to getting to market

personally, i will plan to participate in the "give one, get one" program in Nov/Dec, buy myself one + have the other donated to a child in a developing market (eventually donating the other one out before i leave Asia).

this left me really inspired. which is all you can hope for in a day.

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