Tuesday, November 13, 2007

351 pictures from Malaysia, truly Asia.

malacca, malaysia 1/2 - 7.nov.2007malacca, malaysia 2/2 - 7.nov.2007
kuala lumpur, malaysia - 9.nov.2007penang, malaysia 1/3 - 10.nov.2007
penang, malaysia 2/3 - 10-11.nov.2007penang, malaysia 3/3 - 10-11.nov.2007
click an above picture to goto it's respective album. top 2 for Malacca, left middle for Kuala Lumpur. and the final 3 for Penang. eventually i'll get around to writing the grand entry, but for now, enjoy the pics - sans smarmy captions - courtesy of Nikon and Mark Zuckerberg...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    R: Been a while since I"ve reviewed your blog. Loving the pics from your recent trips. Please put the captions on soon. I probably will never get to these places you're going to so am visiting them via you. You take pics the way I do! Random things that catch your 'eye for beauty' or 'bone of funny.' BTW, have left Pantene. Yes I know the world is over as we know it. But we will all be ok. : )


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